Libra horoscope for 25 october 2019

Again you are half, and more so… And now great desire arises to be in that light again and again. But each time you are there it is only for a moment.. Hence the ecstasy of love and the agony too; they go hand in hand. Relevant Planetary Positions : Pluto retrograde in Capricorn until 2nd, and then turns direct. Sun in Scorpio from 23rd.

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Mercury in Scorpio from 3rd. Venus in Scorpio from 8th. Moon in Scorpio 1st-2nd and 27thth. Major aspects for Scorpio : Pluto squares Venus on 1st, and squares Sun on 14th. Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune on 1st, then conjuncts Sun, opposes Uranus and trines Neptune on 28th, and conjuncts Mercury and Venus on 29th. We have been killing ourselves, wounding ourselves in a thousand and one ways. We are all wounds and nothing else!

Each pore of our being has become a wound, and each cell of our being hurts. What are you? Relevant Planetary Positions : Jupiter in Sagittarius. Moon in Sagittarius 2nd-4th. If you have trust you remain unafraid, daring, courageous… An expansion of consciousness is the very purpose of life. The river should become the ocean.

The bound must move towards the unbounded. The finite should lose itself in the infinite. South Node in Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn 4th-7th. Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Saturn and trines Uranus on 5th, and conjuncts Pluto and squares Venus on 6th. If now you can remain the same in relationship as you are alone, if no change happens in your inner quality, in your inner being — no disturbance, no distraction, no wavering comes.

When love and meditation are balanced then the highest richness happens in life. Relevant Planetary Positions : Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Moon in Aquarius 7th-9th. Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus and Mercury on 7th. It does not make much sense… all bodies are alike. The difference arises as you go deeper… Then you start feeling different nuances of personalities.

Love is really different.

Decan 1 Libra Horoscope October 12222

One person loves in his own way, and prayer is absolutely different for each person; it is absolutely unique… One day suddenly it happens when two hearts meet in absolute trust, with no shadow of doubt, you have tasted for the first time what love is. Relevant Planetary Positions : Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Moon in Pisces 9thth. Major aspects for Pisces : Neptune trines Mercury on 15th and Venus on 21st. Moon in Pisces trines Venus on 9th and Mercury on 10th, and squares Jupiter and conjuncts Neptune on 11th.

Libra Horoscope | Jessica Adams | Astrology

One becomes aware how small one is. One becomes aware of the tininess of his own existence and the vastness of the reality around. One is just a small drop in an infinite ocean… But once you feel helpless, the ego has been dropped. And, for the first time, from every nook and corner of existence help rushes towards you. Alternatively, it might be that you are busy with your career and find it too difficult to think about moving to a new house right now. If that is true for you, it may help to know that your best chance to move will come up soon, in late December or if not then, almost certainly in January.

That is the time you will have a plethora of planets in your home and family sector along with home-related eclipses December 25 and January A difficult new moon is due on October 27, in Scorpio, at four degrees. What concerns me about this new moon in your earnings sector is that Uranus, the planet of sudden, unpredictable news, will directly oppose the Sun and new moon. The Sun and new moon always arrive together, in conjunction, so in this case, Uranus will direct his rays at both the Sun and new moon at once. The new moon will appear in your financial second house of earned income and savings, so you may receive news that you are losing one source of income or will not receive money such as child support, venture capital—you get the idea—that you usually expect.

Or it could be that your source of income is steady and stable, but that you may have an unexpected expense or loss that temporarily rattles you. A new moon in Scorpio is always linked to Pluto or Mars. Alas, Pluto and Mars will be at loggerheads, at a degree square on October 27 too, so you may face a financial obstacle that you need to find the key to unlocking.


If someone has been stealing from your business, you will discover the truth at this time and can put a stop to it. This is a new moon, not a full moon, so being that a new moon opens a new path, it may take time to resolve whatever comes up. It may be that your financial situation is robust, but that you are concerned over the heath of your mother or father or the person you think of as a parent. Keep an eye on your parents, call frequently, and make it a point to know what is going on in their lives in case you are called on to lend a hand.

Simultaneously to all this, the new moon falls in your solar second house of earned income, but the moon rules your solar tenth house of career. In this case, if things work out this way, you may see changes in management or hear an announcement you did not see coming. Whatever comes up, your reputation will stay secure—it seems that you will need to adjust to a change of some kind. I am not saying that it is easy to adjust, so in no way am I being dismissive here.

I want to underscore that your reputation will remain strong no matter what happens. The new moon of October 27 has some good points too, in that Venus, your ruler, will receive powerful, positive vibrations from Pluto in your home sector, suggesting if there is a problem with your plans to move house or you have a concern over the health of a parent, you will be able to find a solution. Mercury is about to go retrograde October 31 until November 20, and that is another reason you will need to have as much done in the early part of the month as you can.

Press forward with vigor as you start the month. You will begin to feel the slowdown of Mercury as soon as October Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio and may delay a payment you are expecting.

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  8. You will receive the payment eventually, but it will take time. As you see, much of late October will center your thinking on financial matters. A light schedule in the last week of October will allow you the time to move in any direction that you might need to take.

    Libra 12222 Horoscope

    Everyone, of every sign, will feel the tensions of this unpredictable new moon of October 27, so you are not alone. If you find yourself in a financial jam, your family loves you and will be ready to help you, even if they have never helped you financially before. Let that knowledge be warm comfort to you. Remember too, that you have Mars in Libra, allowing you to start an entirely new two-year cycle. Influential VIPs will want to hear what you have to say, so speak up and press forward.

    You will be received warmly and welcomed into all the right offices. Ever since Uranus, the unpredictable planet, entered Taurus permanently on November 6, , to stay until November 7, , as a Libra, you have had to adjust to a new set of financial circumstances. This month appears to bring a financial challenge in the last week of the month, at the new moon in Scorpio, on October 27, when Uranus will send angry beams to the Sun and new moon. News about money that you expect to arrive might not, but something else will. No one can say how you will react to this change, but it does look like you will be temporarily unnerved by the sudden financial news.

    When Mars finally does arrive in your sign, VIPs and family will listen to what you have to say, and your persuasiveness will win them over, and that includes even the staunchest critic. You will relentlessly pursue money to wherever it is to be found. Your astrological chart indicates that you are keen to take care of your health. We strongly advise that you pay particular attention to your genitals.

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    As a rule, Scorpios are prone to injuries in these parts of their body. October 25 zodiac lovers are very mysterious in love matters. It takes a lot of guessing for your partner to know what you are up to. Of course, you enjoy this, for it adds a thrill to your relationship. Courtship is in your second nature.

    You enjoy dating games. You use them as the forum for getting to know your partner better. You find it a challenge to commit to one partner. Granted, this provides you with many thrills. However, this kind of a lifestyle has its glaring pitfalls. For example, you are likely to suffer from unrequited love. This will definitely lead to heartbreaks and other kinds of disappointments. Obviously, this is not good for your health! You have a soft spot for reliable and loyal partners. Also, you prefer that they understand your need for freedom. You are willing to share your exciting lifestyle with them.

    The more reserved Scorpio is likely to be laidback.


    You do not like opening up to people. You believe that when they know you they may capitalize on your sensitivities. As such, you will opt to suffer from unrequited love rather than go after the object of your desire. On the plus side, the reserved Scorpio is happy and friendly. If you get someone who understands your eccentricities, you will treat your loved one adoringly.

    You can get such a partner from amongst the Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. You are highly compatible with these natives. As such, you can form a stable relationship with them. The planetary alignment strongly warns against your romantic engagement with a Libra. You do not have much in common with these natives.

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    4. As such, your relationship with them would not end well. We strongly advise against it! October 25 zodiac people are very comfortable in the company of like-minded people. You are very sociable, and you like using your connections to advance your works of charity. Being passionate, you immerse yourself in everything you put your mind to do. You live your life with an intensity that is not common. For this reason, you achieve your most of your goals within your stipulated timelines. You are a secret dreamer. You mold your life around your dreams.